What is Kamagra?

Kamagra Wiki answers this question:
Kamagra is a widely chosen erection drug, it is popular because it is many times cheaper than Viagra.
Nevertheless Kamagra contains exactly the same substances and works exactly the same as the well-known blue pill.
The generic version; Kamagra 100MG contains 100MG of Sildenafil Citrate, the medicine Sildenafil Citrate was developed to combat Erectile Dysfunction.
So you could say that Kamagra is an erectile dysfunction drug sold online on websites like this one.


When to take Kamagra?

Taking kamagra is a free choice, it’s up to you! But most of the time kamagra is taken when one considers having a complication.
Why do men use kamagra? There are many reasons, often it is because of a permanent erectile dysfunction or because of self-confidence.
There are several reasons why someone would take kamagra, the most common reasons are:

1. The inability to achieve an erection, either at all or partially.
2. Wanting to strengthen the erection, strength of the erection or delay the time of erection to a maximum.
3. When other methods are no longer effective, such as therapy, courses or other methods.
4. When you want to experience an erection 100%, you want to surprise your girlfriend or you have plans to go to a prostitute.

Kamagra Dosage

The correct dosage when taking Kamagra depends mainly on the severity of your erectile dysfunction or inability to achieve a full erection.
The most common dosage is 100MG but we recommend starting with half a Kamagra pill to get a feel for the effect.
Kamagra 100MG should be enough to help you enjoy sex again without worry.

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Is Kamagra Legal?

Kamagra is not illegal by definition, it is a controversial issue that can be interpreted in several ways.
Kamagra contains exactly the same thing as Viagra, only prescription Viagra is completely legal – this has to do with licensing.
For the legal version Kamagra, viagra is. You easily pay €45 per strip and for Kamagra you only pay €6.95 with us!

The trade in erection drugs such as Kamagra is a special give, we sell erection pills to help men get rid of their dysfunction.
The legality of ordering Kamagra is quite neutral and there have never been examples of prosecution.

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Where to buy Kamagra?

Feel free to buy kamagra on any webshop! Just know that you really won’t find the erection drugs cheaper anywhere else!
We can sell our kamagra for such low prices because we are an official importer appointed by Ajanta Pharma.
We have concluded quite attractive contracts with the factory where kamagra is produced.

Buy Kamagra in our webshop which you can find here:


1. What do you consider the most important of these factors?

2. Are you already familiar with one (or more) of these erection tablets?

3. Very comprehensive Kamagra Wiki for all your questions with all the answers.


Ordering Kamagra with PostNL

We offer the possibility to have your order delivered with PostNL.
Very convenient when you wish to receive your ordered erection products discreetly, nobody will know!

While placing your order you select address.
Via the location selector you can easily see all collection points in the neighbourhood, with their address and opening hours, based on your postcode or place name.

When you have found the pick-up point of your choice, press confirm and the address details of the delivery address will be filled in automatically for you.
PostNL has more than 3600 collection points where you can easily collect your Kamagra when you want!

Many points are also open in the evening and on weekends, so staying at home for your ordered Kamagra is a thing of the past!
Kamagra is an erection pill and is also used as a party stimulant at sex parties.

The active substance, Sildenafil Citrate, is an exact copy of the active substance in the well-known blue erection pills.
Its effect is therefore 100% identical to the effect of the well-known blue erection pill.

Further on in the shop you will find more information about ordering Kamagra, the side effects and the Kamagra leaflet.
Besides pills, you can also order Kamagra Oral Jelly.
Not satisfied with the ordering process or one of our erection products?

Send us an e-mail with your complaint and the package with the unopened Kamagra back, after receipt we will return your money without any hassle!

We pack the orders in an air envelope or parcel and ship it completely discreetly,
Nobody will see that Kamagra or other erection pills are in the parcel or envelope.

All products come from the original manufacturer, 100% original Kamagra, that is what we stand for!
Because we buy Kamagra and other erection pills directly from the manufacturer, we can offer you the best prices!

Ordering Kamagra - is it for me?

Are you of age and do you want to make something of your retirement?
Or are you just looking for the right stimulant for an exciting party?
Then don’t hesitate and surf the internet to order Kamagra!
This will guarantee you a wonderful weekend with your partner.
You can find various websites on the internet where you can order Kamagra.
At you always order the original Kamagra from Ajanta Pharma without a prescription!
Kamagra is a medicine similar to the well-known blue pill produced by Pfizer.
It is different, however, because Kamagra is much cheaper and can be obtained without the intervention of a doctor.

When you take the medicine you can have an erection for about 4 to 6 hours!
Of course you will not have an erection for 4 hours, but in these hours your penis is well capable of becoming rigid, with which you can experience a lot of fun things.
So if you suffer from erection problems when you are older, but you still want to have a good time with your partner, order Kamagra quickly.

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Kamagra or Viagra


Viagra is the most well-known erection drug on the market.

Viagra was developed by the Swiss company Pfizer.
During its development, Pfizer was not looking for an erection drug, but for a drug to treat Angina Pectoris.
During tests of the drug, it was found that the drug caused erections in the test subjects.

Pfizer decided to focus on this application and two years later
in 1998 the drug under the name Viagra was authorised by the FDA (the US Food and Drugs Authority) as a medicine in the United States.
The patent that Pfizer obtained for this product was applicable in the Netherlands for 17 years and expired in 2013.

Kamagra is an erection pill with the same effect as Viagra.

The active ingredient is, just like Viagra, Sildenafil Citrate.

Kamagra is produced in India by the company Ajanta Pharma.
Ajanta Pharma was established in 1973 in Mumbai (India).
Apart from Kamagra, Ajanta Pharma produces a large number of other medicines that are sold worldwide.
Because Pfizer’s patent on Viagra did not apply in India, Ajanta Pharma was able to produce Kamagra for many years.

Meanwhile Kamagra is authorised in 11 European countries as a medicine for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.
The active ingredients of both pills are absolutely identical.
In both cases it is Sildenafil Citrate.

The choice between the two products should therefore not be made on the basis of their content,
The choice between the two products should therefore not be made on the basis of their contents, but on other factors such as price, availability and reliability of the supplier.
In this respect, both products are quite similar.
Both products are available online.

Both Kamagra 100MG and Viagra are sold by us as erection drugs.

Kamagra is sold on this site and is generally cheaper than Viagra.
Due to the good price of Kamagra there is less counterfeiting on the market.

Online Viagra is often available without a prescription and in those cases often not from Pfizer, but counterfeit.
Although it is no problem to buy an imitation erection pill if it has the same active ingredients, that is often where the problem lies.
Kamagra by Ajanta Pharma contains exactly the same substances as Viagra and is therefore a good alternative to this pill.

Pfizer announced in 2013 that it would start selling Viagra independently, through the domain
Due to the fact that this service is only accessible with a prescription, it seems that it is only available to patients in the United States.


All these pills contain the ingredient sildenafil.
They are pills developed for men with erection problems.
All these different pills have a slightly different effect.
The Kamagra Oral Jelly pill for instance is a liquid variant of the Kamagra 100mg pill.
Because Kamagra Oral Jelly is a liquid, the active ingredient Sildenafil is absorbed into the blood much quicker and therefore the pill works faster.

Kamagra performance

If your performance in bed is no longer as you would like it to be and you are experiencing frustration at not being able to please your sex partner as you would like, chances are you are looking for a solution to your problem before you have lost all confidence.

In more than 95% of cases of erection problems Kamagra is the solution!
Not only for you but also your partner will be helped. Kamagra is an erection pill which enables you to have and maintain for hours an erection as full as in your younger years.

How does this erection pill work?

The substance in Kamagra that causes the erection pill to generate and maintain an erection is called Sildenafil citrate.
When you take kamagra the production of certain enzymes in your body will be inhibited (PDE-5 has this enzyme, kamagra is a pde-5 inhibitor) and therefore the signal molecule nitrogen oxide is produced more strongly, this causes the muscle walls of the blood vessels in your penis to relax and fill with blood.
A full erection is the end result.

The effect of Kamagra occurs within about 30 minutes to an hour after ingestion.
So if you take kamagra one hour before you want results, you will be able to enjoy yourself effectively and intensely at the desired time.
The effect of kamagra lasts for about 4 hours, after this the effect will gradually diminish.
After 6 hours the drug is completely worn out. Kamagra in several variants

Kamagra is an erection pill produced by the pharmaceutical company Ajanta and is available in various forms. The most known and used erection pill in Europe is the kamagra 100mg tablet. In addition to the 100mg tablet, Kamagra is available in jelly form (called kamagra jelly), in effervescent tablets, chewable tablets and lozenges.

Besides the fact that these variants have an intake form, they also have a taste.
The composition of the various variants is similar in terms of active ingredient, they all contain 100mg Sildenafil.

The known side effects

The active substance in Kamagra, Sildenafil, can cause side effects in 2% of cases.
In most cases the side effects are very mild and do not outweigh the positive effects. Known side effects include: headache, flushing or dry eyes.

Side effects that occur sporadically are painful limbs and sometimes gastrointestinal complaints.
However, these side effects hardly ever (

An erection problem can start to dominate your thinking and being undisturbed. You don’t feel like a man anymore and you can’t give your sex partner what he deserves. For your sex partner, the relaxed atmosphere is also gone when you fight in your head while making love instead of enjoying each other.

Kamagra is an erection pill which has an immediate effect and which can give you the feeling that you are fine! Your penis will work as you would expect it to and will often be just that little bit fuller, longer and thicker than you are used to. You will be able to focus on the true importance of sexual pleasure and intimacy like a confident person, and of course your sex partner will be able to enjoy a relaxed and pleasant time together again! Is it right for me?

Kamagra is not a drug that is only used by old men. You can use Kamagra if you are over 18 and want to give your intimate life a boost, if you just want to enjoy an erection for longer (e.g. when you go to a party) or if you have erection problems… In all these cases Kamagra is something you can easily try! But before you do, read the leaflet carefully and make sure you meet all the requirements to take Kamagra!

Kamagra Oral Jelly erection aid

Nowadays, there are plenty of solutions for all men who experience erection problems.
In the past, men who suffered from erection problems did not like to talk about it.
Fortunately, this has changed nowadays. It is possible to go to a family doctor, but it is also possible to share your problem with others on the internet.
Men with erection problems can nowadays also easily order erection pills on the internet.

There are several varieties of these in different price ranges. One of these brand names is Kamagra.
Kamagra pills are actually an Indian variant of the Viagra pill.
The pill works exactly the same and has the same active ingredients but is a lot cheaper and is imported from India.

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