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In this blog I am talking about the ultimate pleasure: The Vacuum Pump. Read all the information you need to know about the vacuum pump here. You really need to read this before using a vacuum pump!
Table of Contents

The ultimate pleasure: The Vacuum Pump

Do you also suffer from erection problems and are you looking for information about this? Are you looking for a solution that does work? We have the right information for you here!

A vacuum pump is a plastic cylinder with a pressure ring in which you place your penis.

This vacuum pump ensures that blood is ‘sucked’ into your penis, causing your penis to have an erection. It not only provides an erection but also a longer and larger erect penis.

The penis vacuum pump is operated by air pressure in the cylinder and a pressure ring that maintains the blood pressure on the penis.

An ‘active’ sex life

When using a vacuum pump for the penis, men can increase the pressure in the penis to achieve a better and longer erect penis.

Many men use the penis pump every day to get a good and ‘active’ sex life. The product and a worldwide success and is used in all continents.

Can a vacuum pump help with erection problems?

By using a vacuum pump it is possible to have sex frequently again without any hassle! Hereby you get more control over your sex life and it is even possible to time your orgasms. Users of the pumps experience more pleasure and see their sex life come back. There are also men who train their penises to really get control over their erection muscle.

Vacuum Pump
Vacuum Pump

The Basics of Penis Vacuum Pumps

For men with problems getting an erection, the penis pump is an ideal device to get sexual contact and your sex drive going again.

The vacuum pump can be used to control (any) erection problems.

Vacuum pump for erectile dysfunction

Much good research has been done on the erection pump, therefore many men worldwide use the vacuum pump.

Vacuum pumps are suitable for all penises, even if you have no erection problems but want to go on longer. The vacuum pump can be used daily.

Erection System is another word for erection cylinder

So how does a vacuum pump erection system work?

Before starting to use it, make sure that the cylinder of the vacuum pump is placed around the penis. Then support the pump on a flat part of your body such as your thigh.

The vacuum pump has a cylinder for over the penis and a pressure ring which you can put around the end (back part) of your penis. 

You can then pump air into the cylinder of the vacuum pump, which will stimulate blood flow to the penis and create a negative pressure in the cylinder around the penis; this will ensure that you do get an erection.

After pumping with the vacuum pump, the blood remains in your erection if you do not remove the pressure ring.

You can try different sizes of rings to find out which one is the most suitable for your size.

A penis pump can give you a stiff penis after only two minutes!

Benefit of the vacuum pump on the base of the penis

Another advantage of the vacuum pump is that less or no semen is released during sexual contact if you keep the pressure ring on. The vacuum pump has no effect on ejaculation, of course you can still ejaculate.

Important information: you can use the system as often as you like, but please note that between the use of a vacuum pump the vacuum pump & pressure ring should not remain on the penis longer than 30 minutes.

You can also use a vacuum pump if you have Parkinson’s disease or other oral ED treatments such as taking oral medication.

Erectile pump users will have larger and/or longer penises after use.

There are virtually no risks involved in using an erection pump. The solution of an erection pump is considered to be natural, unlike the use of medication.

Active Erection system or vacuum pump

Also called the Active Erections System is a medical device for a stiff penis to achieve. This causes the corpora cavernosa of the penis to fill with blood, creating an artificially stiff penis. The term active erection system is an English term and actually stands for the actuation of a stiff penis by means of the use of a penis pump.

There are two different types of erection systems: you have manual erection system and electric erection system. With a manual erection system, you must manually bring the pressure into the vacuum pump. With an electric erection system the pressure is automatically brought into the pump by means of an electric system behind the pump.

Different kinds of erection system

It depends on what you prefer. An electric erection system is often more expensive than a manual erection system but it does bring convenience. A manual erection system, on the other hand, is cheaper than the electric variant and it is easier to create a pushing force in the vacuum pump by feel. Neither is better than the other. Both devices will give you a stiff penis, it’s just a matter of which suits you better.

Buying a vacuum pump?

Would you like to use a vacuum pump to get your sex drive back and maintain your sex life?

For this you can find all kinds of different vacuum pumps on our website.

We offer different types of penis pumps. Thus, there is a suitable offer for all penises and you will not end up empty-handed.

When ordering a vacuum pump, different parts are included. The content consists of the cylinder, the vacuum pump, parts for the vacuum pump, pressure ring(s) and instructions.

Are you looking for other erection support products such as Kamagra instead of a vacuum pump? You can find them on our website as well. We offer various alternatives, each of which will work in its own way. This way you can see exactly what suits you.

You can always contact us if you have any questions.

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We only stock the original erection products, order them now with extra discount!