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Poppers, a well-known drug that has been very popular since the 1970s!
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Effects of poppers

Because poppers dilate the blood vessels, they were initially used to cure certain cardiovascular diseases.

The poppers bottles made a “pop” sound when they were opened, which explains their name.

That represents the brand new task they began to possess: a potential new remedy for much better sex, as opposed to a clinical function.

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Small bottles of poppers

Poppers bottles contain the active substance amyl nitrite. You can keep a bottle of poppers in your bedside table next to your bed. It will then be within easy reach during sex.

The active substance in poppers provides a short and fleeting rush and the effect is short-lived. You will experience a brief euphoric rush when you use poppers ui a small bottle. You can usually use it a few times in a row.

The effect is fleeting and you will soon feel why so many men and women use poppers. Poppers, when used responsibly, can be a fun experience in time of sex.

Sexual experience with poppers

Each individual has a different reaction to the euphoria induced in different circumstances. These reactions can easily vary from outbursts of amusement, a feeling of experiencing the popular music being played or an increase in your sex-related arousal.

The effects produce a relaxing feeling and a calming effect. Men and women who have used this drug during sexual escapades describe the sensation of poppers as so nice that that is why the drug has often been sold.


Do not combine Poppers with drugs. This will counteract the effect and will not give an extra rush. It is not good for your blood pressure because different substances react with each other. It can also cause nausea when combined with some drugs. 

The active ingredient of poppers

Bottles of poppers contain the active ingredient amyl nitrite. The use of this drug will lead to a more intense sex experience. The name says it all. Your sex will “pop” especially when you use it with your sex partner.

The history of poppers

You must understand that poppers were created in the 19th century by a French man called Antoine-Jérôme Balard.

He was the very first to manufacture amyl nitrite to cure what is called angina. Poppers were accused of causing brown spots in the first HIV-affected persons when AIDS struck in the 1980s.

Later, poppers were embraced by the younger generations, who used them for their euphoric results, in addition to the results on their sexuality.

It was also used in the drug scene because of the effect that amyl nitrite has when used frequently.

They saw that poppers strengthened their erections, made them last much longer, enhanced their orgasms and also delayed their climaxes.

Where to buy poppers?

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Use of poppers

The way to use poppers

The only method is to inhale the vapours of poppers through your nose and occasionally through your mouth, which is limited.

NEVER consume poppers of any kind through your mouth.

Jalapenos Poppers you may have already discovered, but they have absolutely nothing to do with your bowl of poppers. The hot peppers can also make you sweat.

Ingesting poppers through your rectum is additionally really dangerous as they will certainly irritate your mucous membrane layers and comes with damage to your anus. Makers suggest to leave the container open. This way the vapours will also come out of the bottle of poppers.

There are some people who use an additional strategy to use poppers.

Some now dip their cigarette straight into the liquid for the effect of amyl nitrite.

Please note that this method is potentially eruptive and also highly flammable when in contact with fire. We do not recommend this when using poppers from large or small bottles.

So if you want to experience the effects of poppers, just sniff them all through each of your nostrils.

At first you will get a feeling of some sort of dizziness. The use of poppers is completed by a head wave and then the expansion of your body – including your anal muscles – and an experience of heat for about two moments.

This lasts for about 5 to 15 seconds. And then nothing more. We only recommend the safe use of poppers to our customers.

So within a few minutes you will enjoy poppers on the brain and have a nice experience with poppers. It is also important to use this liquid in a responsible manner when taking it frequently.

Therefore, do not take it in combination with another substance such as drugs. This is to prevent headaches, nausea and dizziness that come with poppers.

Informing about poppers

We will inform you about the effects to minimise any risks. Do not use poppers on a daily basis as this will cause damage to the brain. Do not put poppers on your skin.

It is not made for that. Always check with your doctor before using poppers. If you are taking medication, ask your doctor about the interaction between different substances.

This is to avoid any risk and to use risk-free poppers. You cannot build up a dependency on poppers.Poppers are not addictive. Nowadays these substances are mostly used at parties in swinger clubs.

Poppers are so popular these days because the effect comes quickly. You do not have to wait minutes for the effects.

Do not take this drug if you have problems with your blood pressure or if you take drugs. This is to minimize risks and to enjoy the effects of poppers to the fullest.

Do not take viagra in combination with poppers for a highly volatile effect. This combination is not necessary and only brings risks.

Increasing use of poppers

Nowadays there are many people in the party scene who use poppers.

In the past people used poppers less but nowadays it is a popular drug in the sex scene. When you go to our website to buy poppers you will not come home empty handed.

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