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Do you live in Amsterdam, or elsewhere in the Netherlands and would you like to order kamagra? Then you’ve come to the right place at

In this blog everything is explained down to the last detail what kamagra well exactly and which other top products we offer on the site. Have fun reading and hopefully see you soon on our beautiful website!


  • → What is original kamagra?
  • → How does kamagra work and what does it help with
  • → The side effects of a kamagra product
  • → Which products do you all have?
  • → I want to order kamagra, how does this work?
  • → Buyer reviews
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What is Original Kamagra? | Kamagra Buy Store Amsterdam

Since 1973, the manufacturer Ajanta Pharma exists in India. They have been producing the erection drug called kamagra for several years now. You can see that Ajanta Pharma is the producer of Kamagra just like Pfizer is the producer of Viagra. Viagra and kamagra contain the same active ingredient, namely sildenafil. Ajanta Pharma has been approved to manufacture such products for sale since 1940.

What does that substance sildenafil actually do? Sildenafil is a little hard to say a PDE5 inhibitor. You may be thinking, what is a PDE5 inhibitor?

Well in normal Dutch it is an inhibitor that ensures that blood can flow to the penis for a longer period of time and thus an erection can last longer. The substances and blood supply that normally ensure that a penis does not become erect or quickly flaccid are now blocked and the erection lasts much longer.

The blood vessels dilate as it were and ensure better circulation. The great thing about erection drugs with sildenafil in them is that you do not immediately walk around with a stiff penis all day long, but first a sexual stimulation is needed to induce the erection.

In addition, it is also true that when you have finished, the penis simply becomes limp again, and then don’t worry because with the next sexual stimulation the penis will simply become erect again.

How does kamagra work and what does it help with | Kamagra Buy Store Amsterdam

It has already been revealed a bit about how kamagra works. Sildenafil was originally not even designed for erectile dysfunction, but as a medication to treat heart spasms because it works well for the blood circulation.

After some extensive testing, they found that sildenafil is also great for getting an erection, and that’s how it came on the market as an erection drug.

The easy thing about kamagra is that it can be ordered from a reliable website. With Viagra it has been the case for a very long time that you first had to go to a doctor to get a prescription for erectile dysfunction.

When you had received this proof, you could go to the pharmacy to pick up the product. Only not every man suffers from a real erectile dysfunction, but sometimes some problems or just want to continue for a night, without a doctor’s prescription.

Erectile Dysfunction | Kamagra Buy Store Amsterdam

A nightmare of many men, one in three men in the Netherlands struggles with erection problems. This does not mean that this always happens, but that it has happened occasionally.

Fortunately, there are erection pills or other erection drugs that can ensure that your sex life and self-confidence gets a boost again.

Erectile dysfunction or erection disorders can be caused by many different things, such as:

  • obesity
  • Depression
  • Libido-reducing medication
  • Disease
  • Mental health
  • Performance pressure
  • stress
  • unhealthy lifestyle

As you can see there can be so many different causes, it is certainly nothing to be ashamed of, it can happen to any man.

But of course fun is different, and it may not be so fun for your partner either. With kamagra we guarantee that you can get an erection again and enjoy yourself again with your partner, or anyone else (if he is 18+).

The side effects of a kamagra product | Kamagra Buy Store Amsterdam

As with any drug or medication, there may be side effects and risks associated with them.

Below is a list of the most common side effects. In case of doubt or more information in combination with other medicines that you may be taking or a disease, it is strongly recommended that you also read the package leaflet or consult your doctor.

Side effects

  • Headache
  • Nauseous
  • Blushing
  • palpitations
  • dehydration

You can counteract most of these side effects by eating and drinking well an hour before taking the kamagra pill.

Drinking enough water is also very important because the increasing blood flow makes your body work harder and you lose more fluid through sweating, for example.

We strongly discourage combining erection drugs with drugs or alcohol, you never know what effect it will have and it can be very dangerous. For the best effectiveness, it is best to follow our instructions which are also clearly explained on the site.

What products do you all have? | Kamagra Buy Store Amsterdam

We at have a nice variety of kamagra products, viagra, erection pills, erection pills, effervescent tablets, oral jelly, pills, tablets so there is something for everyone!

Below is an overview of the range of our products with some examples.

These are of course not all our products, you can easily find them under the headings on our website.

Kamagra | Kamagra Buy Store Amsterdam
-Sildenafil | Kamagra Buy Store Amsterdam
-Tadalafil | Kamagra Buy Store Amsterdam
-Dapoxetine | Kamagra Buy Store Amsterdam
-Vardenafil | Kamagra Buy Store Amsterdam

In order to stick to kamagra in this blog, we will zoom in on this a little further. From kamagra products we have:


As you can see, we have a nice range of kamagra products so that there is something for everyone that suits them best.

Kamagra Kopen Winkel Amsterdam

I want to order kamagra, how does this work? | Kamagra Buy Store Amsterdam

The best thing would be that after reading this blog you think you want to try our beautiful kamagra products. As you have already read above, we have a wide range of pills, tablets, erection products, erection pills, viagra and just pure kamagra. Why do we say pure kamagra, because there are vendors that unfortunately offer counterfeit kamagra.

Please note that you do not buy counterfeit kamagra, the web store must be in collaboration with Ajanta Pharma. | Kamagra Buy Store Amsterdam

Do not let this put you off with ordering kamagra or ordering other erection drugs. With us you are safe and you don’t have to worry about anything, we supply beautiful products that only contain the real ingredients.

If you now think, well I choose to give it a try, or you are really fed up with your erection problems, we are immediately ready to sell the right products.

Our webshop is set up in such a way that you can easily type the medicine you are looking for at the top of the search bar, you can also click on the different headings at the top and it will immediately be shown which products are associated with it.

Erectile dysfunction is a thing of the past with our erectile dysfunction products. Have you found the right erection drugs?

With a simple click you can add the desired quantity to your shopping cart. After that, you can simply continue browsing or pay immediately. We can assure you that the payments are safe and that is why we offer the following payment options so that you are assured of your purchase:

  • ideal
  • bitcoin
  • sofort
  • giropay
  • bancontant
  • bank transfer

Our customer service is available via chat on working days Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00. Mail contact is not only on working days, but also on Saturdays and Sundays 24 hours a day.

I have placed an order with kamagra Amsterdam | Kamagra Buy Store Amsterdam

Kamagra Amsterdam is also known as, as we have said before, as to avoid confusion. When you have made a purchase, the order will be processed.

If you order your products on workdays before 17:00, there is a good chance that it will be received the next day, if not it will be the day after. Ordering Kamagra has never been so easy, after your orders you will not receive a confirmation email. You will receive a confirmation of the payment and that can take up to 24 hours. So don’t be alarmed, your package will come to you really safely.

Order today and receive a discount on your products. Do you want to stay informed? Create an account and sign up with your email address to our newsletter.

Buyer reviews | Kamagra Buy Store Amsterdam

The reviews below are published anonymously.

  • When I googled Kamagra Amsterdam I found this site. Nowadays it’s so easy to get erection agents, I don’t suffer from anything myself, but I would like to get a good night’s sleep. Well I had bought that kamagra oral jelly, did you get nice flavors and stuff. Tasted pretty good hahaha, well I took it and after 25 minutes I started to notice something. My wife came up with me and yes, buying that kamagra was definitely worth it hahaha. That jelly is highly recommended because it also tastes good.
  • What I liked about the website is that different brands were offered and you can also buy it from other countries. I am mainly in Germany myself and the website also sends there neatly. I am very satisfied so far and will definitely continue to buy from you, also from other countries.
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