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Table of Contents

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can be linked to cardiovascular disease, physical causes or other causes.

However, your impotence can be resolved with medication.

Often, erectile dysfunction is related to physical causes.

The Website: offers a solution to erectile dysfunction.

You can read more about erectile dysfunction and its causes below.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you will have more knowledge about a good erection. 

What does the doctor/sexologist say about erectile dysfunction

As a doctor, I feel the pain when a man contacts me about his erectile dysfunction. I want to help people whenever possible.

People come to me with shame but this is not necessary.

Overall, there are so many people who experience erectile dysfunction.

Shame about erectile dysfunction

Some want to be able to spoil their partner and feel emasculated because they can’t perform for once. Our ego comes into play.

It is a normal reaction but the shame is unnecessary.

Social media and erectile dysfunction

Everyone is on social media. On these platforms a certain image of the ideal man is created with all the information that can be seen.

Men are always expected to be muscular and strong.

The man must be able to hold an erection during sex.

Many men fall out of this picture and consciously or unconsciously develop a poorer self-image.

This self-image is therefore between your ears and is already a cause of erectile dysfunction worldwide, regardless of your age.

What are erectile dysfunctions?

Erectile dysfunction is the failure to achieve and maintain an erection.

Many men have trouble staying hard at times. It is very common.

A man thinks that an erection is an indicator of his potency.

If he cannot perform, it is a shock.

An erection is fundamental for a happy partner.

Getting or keeping an erection

In 10% – 20% of men suffering from erectile dysfunction there is a psychogenic reason.

This can be anxiety, clinical depression or stress.

The remaining 80% have a physical cause. Sometimes it is a mix of factors.

Men often assume that they must have lowered hormone levels, but this is actually very rare.

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There you will find all the information regarding erectile dysfunction and its treatment.

Erectile Dysfunction

Stress and anxiety in erectile dysfunction

In addition to factors such as stress and anxiety, lifestyle and physical health can play a major role.

It may have to do with the arteries and blood vessels. Smoking does not help.

Possible causes of erectile dysfunction

These causes include:

  • Fear
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • High blood pressure
  • Smoking
  • Weight problems
  • Elevated cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • Metabolism disorder

These are elements that can cause erectile dysfunction and reduce your ability to have sex.

These factors are also not healthy for your heart.

We therefore advise you to use kamagra or cenforce 200mg if you suffer from this.

Tension and erectile dysfunction

Tension is a common cause when you cannot get an erection.

All this adrenaline does not enhance the sexual experience.

Our pills are often the solution.

For more information you may mail our e mail address.

Our website has a clear menu for all your sexual issues.

Getting an erection according to the urologist

Occasional smoking is not a problem.

Sport can help to solve problems.

Sport also helps against high blood pressure and psychological causes.

Cutting down on alcohol is wise for the treatment of your penis.

You can still enjoy a pint of beer now and then.

That is not a problem.

According to the doctor, it is even healthy to have a beer sometimes.

Erectile dysfunction pills

Do you want to combat your erectile dysfunction and buy erection pills from a specialist?


This is a website with a large menu of medicines that will cure your impotence.

There are several pills with active ingredients that you can use for erectile dysfunction, regardless of your age.

However, they all work in different ways.

They also have different benefits during sex.

On the website you can find information per product

If you are looking for certain information about medication that you cannot find, you can always email our customer service. This is available to you 24/7.

We strive to answer your mail within 24 hours. Our goal is that you get an erection again.

Erectile Dysfunction

How to get and keep an erection

Vacuum pumps can also be used to maintain an erection. does not sell pumps for the penis itself but they can easily be purchased online at various webshops.

With the pump you draw blood to your blood vessels. This makes it possible to make your penis stiff again before the sexual act.

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Erectile Dysfunction 

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