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All about erection pills

Erection pills. Everyone has heard of them and has an opinion about them. In films, they are often laughed at and used mainly to provoke embarrassment. In reality, of course, the use of potency enhancers is very different. In this article you can read about when you can use erection pills, how they work and which ingredients there are in an erection pill. When do you use erection pills?

Erectile pills are medicines

As with “normal” medicines, you are not treating yourself if you do not know what is causing your problems. Before using erection stimulants, therefore, you should first find out what is causing the lack of erection. The causes can be said to be very broad.

They include lifestyle causes (e.g. lack of exercise, excessive alcohol consumption, drug use, etc.), psychological factors (especially those causing a lot of stress, tension or anxiety) and physical factors (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, a prolactinoma and some other causes). Especially if you suspect that the cause is physical, it is strongly recommended that you contact your doctor.

If necessary, he or she can refer you to find out the causes of your impotence. Even if this reveals that the impotence cannot be resolved medically, this can be of added value to you. This way, you can worry less about the cause of your erectile dysfunction and use erection pills with more peace of mind. How does an erection pill work?


The effect of erection pills

When one chooses Kamagra/Viagra, the active ingredient is Sildenafil. Sildenafil stops the breakdown of cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP), which is the cGMP that ensures the flow of blood to the penis. A higher level of cGMP therefore ensures an erection and longer retention of the erection.

Active ingredient Vardenafil.

The effect of Vardenafilis almost the same as that of Sildenafil, the side effects too. There is also Taldelafil (Cialis), also this drug provides a larger amount of cyclic guanosine monophosphate, which in turn provides a firmer and longer erection. 

The active ingredients (Tadalafil, Vardenafil, Sildenafil ) can be taken in different ways. In the case of an erection pill, this is of course oral. There are also “Jellies”, which are also taken orally. However, these jellies are easier to take and are absorbed more quickly by the body. Because of these properties, some people prefer to use jellies over pills.

Fixing erection problems

Depending on the cause, there is a plan of action for your erection problem!
Erection problems are caused by the most diverse reasons. If you want to get rid of your erection problem, the first question you should ask yourself or a doctor will ask is what is causing your problem. 

Are there mental or stress-related complaints in the form of thoughts or emotional grounds? Is there something wrong with your body? How old are you or how healthy are you? Are you obese? In this blog, we give you insights into the most common causes of erection problems. 

For each cause, we will of course provide a suitable solution, otherwise it would be a rather useless blog. We can look at problems but what exactly makes a penis end up in an erectile state? How do you get a stiff cock?

Erection Problems
Erection Problems

Getting an erection

It is a complex intention for the body, there is a cooperation between blood vessels, nerves, muscles and swelling bodies in the penis and of course the hormonal balance. The level of desire, also known as libido, depends on the hormonal balance. 

The hormone testosterone has a certain level in the body. When there is sexual stimulation, the body makes this level higher and sends an impulse to the nerves that this level has increased. As a reaction, your heart will start to pump faster, with the result that more blood will be pumped to the penis. 

As a reaction to the high testosterone level, your body will produce the enzyme pde5, which relaxes the muscle walls in the penis and allows blood to flow in. As the blood vessels in the penis fill up, the draining vessels next to them are temporarily clamped off and the blood cannot flow away. The result is an erection. An erect penis may contain up to 9 times more blood than a normal ‘flaccid’ penis. When there is a dysfunction in one or more of the above processes in the body, your penis does not have an erection.

Types of Erection Problems

  • your penis becomes partially hard, not hard enough for intercourse.
  • the blood leaves your penis during penetration.

What could be the causes?

  • Hormonal erection problems.
  • Insufficient sexual stimulation.
  • Nerve damage erection problems.
  • Blood vessel erection problems.

Of course, there are also external factors that can affect your performance. For example, alcohol consumption, drug use, an ugly woman who has not completed her basic training with a sufficient grade. But there can also be painful abnormalities of the penis that make intercourse unpleasant and cause an erection to fail or to subside. Your erection problem solved

Erection pills advice

We will now take a closer look at each problem and provide you with sound advice on how to solve it. 1) Knowledge of issues In order to know exactly what your problem is, it is advisable to keep a daily notebook in which you describe what you encountered that day. It is very useful for a doctor to be able to present the things you have noticed over a period of time in a row. 

Based on your findings, a plan of action can easily be made to address your erection problems. A booklet also makes the conversation with your doctor a lot easier. It is not easy to tell a stranger about your erection problem. When you let them read a booklet, they have all the information they need without you having to start a difficult conversation. This way you can be sure that you mention everything and avoid the stress of remembering to say something on the way home. But what should I write down in the booklet? Well, we’ll list some examples: How long have you had the erection problems?

How functional is your penis exactly? Is it getting bigger or nothing? Can you have intercourse?

Have you always had erection problems or did they suddenly appear? Do you have the problems with getting an erection all the time or only with intercourse/penetration?

Does it hurt?

Do you get a different shaped penis during an erection? (The so called gogo gadget penis)

Do you experience sufficient stimulation during the act, either visually or in terms of stimulation by your partner?

Do you experience an morning erection?

How is your libido?

How long does it take on average before you have an ejaculation and how often does this occur?

What medicines do you take?

Do you think you know the reason for your erection problem? Psychological problems as a cause

If the cause of your erection problem is psychological, your doctor will be quite quick to suggest an erection medication. It may also be suggested that you see a psychologist or get the phone number of Goedele Liekens. Sex mind set A therapist can easily pick up on problems caused by thoughts or emotions. These are in fact getting in the way of your erection. Through certain exercises you can learn to relax better and focus your thoughts on something else than your problem. This allows you to experience sex as something pleasant and loving again. You will slowly learn not to regard intimacy as something unpleasant and a desire will arise again through positive experiences. Your sex mind set will be reset, as it were. Physical problems as a cause

There are various physical causes, and treatment methods include – Medicines: Your doctor can prescribe you so-called Kamagra, sildenafil or tadalafil drugs, these will instantly solve your erection problem like snow in the sun! The main characteristics of these drugs are that Kamagra and Sildenafil will work for about 4.5 hours and tadalafil for 36 hours. There are also stimulants which must be injected into the penis, an example is Caverject.

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